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City centre of Cottbus
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Made for

High quality and affordable cost of living, sufficient childcare facilities available. Undisturbed nature which invites children to discover. Residential property which is financially affordable.
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Connected to the world

Through the newly opened Airport Berlin Schönefeld it is just a short hop to your home country. To Lemberg it is less than 2 hours by plane or around 800 km by car.
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Travel group enjoys gondola tour in the Spreewald

Breath of fresh air

Living where berlin people go on holiday.
Not without a reason, people living in Berlin have their own weekend properties in the country area of Brandenburg.
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German citizens and citizens of non-EU countries who have a residence or settlement permit may bring their family members to Germany. This is called "family reunion".
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Health insurance is mandatory for all people living in Germany. Those with statutory health insurance have the same right to care when they fall ill - regardless of how much they pay into their insurance.
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Income taxes
The amount of income taxes you pay depends mostly on your gross income. Furthermore, there exist several other factors affecting your amount of income tax payment.
FAQs about Germany
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Anna from Lemberg, 25 years
"The decision to move to another country is complicated at any age. Living  in Germany for almost two years since my 18, I understood the importance of being forward-looking and open to new experiences. My main motivation was to get a better education and I am grateful to have this chance in Germany."
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Find a job

You have decided to start your career in Germany? And now you are looking for a job offer tailored to your job description and your qualifications? Whether you are still in your home country or already in Germany - the best way to start your job search is online.

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